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Plastering Products

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GTEC Standard Vapour 12.5 x 1200

This GTEC Standard Board by Siniat comes with an additional laminated vapour control layerGTEC vapou..

Gyproc Bonding Coat - 25kg

Gyproc Bonding Coat has been specifically designed for use on surfaces that are either smooth or low..

Gyproc FireLine 12.5mm

Gyproc Fireline was introduced to the market as drywall or plaster board that gives added protection..

Gyproc Joint Filler - 25kg

Gyproc Joint Filler is a gypsum based product used for setting material and secondary filling of pla..

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Gyproc moisture resistant plasterboard is made from gypsum and has an added water repellent additive..

Gyproc WallBoard Duplex 12.5mm

Gyproc WallBoard Duplex 12.5mm or sometimes referred to as Gyproc drywall or plasterboard is used wh..

Siniat GTEC Fire Core 25.0 x 600

GTEC Fire Core Board is a high strength fire and moisture resistant plasterboardProvides up to 120 m..

Siniat GTEC Joint Tape 150m

GTEC Joint Tape 150m is an excellent key for GTEC joint compoundsThe joint tape Strengthens plasterb..

Siniat GTEC Moisture Board 12.5 x 1200

Siniat GTEC Moisture Board is a plasterboard with water resistant additives in the core and liner to..

Siniat GTEC Standard 12.5 x 1200

Siniat GTEC Standard Board is a gypsum board for partitions, linings and ceilings where normal fire,..

Siniat GTEC Wafer Head Self Drilling Screw 12mm

GTEC 12 Wafer Head Self Drill has a low profile head connecting GTEC metal compounds beneath plaster..

Siniat-GTEC Flex Tape

The Siniat GTEC Flexible Metal Tape 33m ensures straight, strong corners at any angle on drop ceilin..

Tala 11in x 4.3/4in Plastering Trowel

This plastering trowel by Tala Tools is high quality stainless steel bladeThe trowel is lightweight ..

Tala 125mm Ergosoft Stainless Steel Jointing Knife

Looking for professional plastering tools? this stainless steel jointing knife is idealThe knife can..