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Cavity Therm Full Fill Wall 

The Cavity Therm Full Fill Wall is a rigid board insulation that is ideal for new builds.This easy t..

Hyfloor 2400x1200 T&G | Rigid Floor Insulation

Xtratherm Hyfloor 2400X1200 T&G is rigid floor insulation designed specifically for suspended fl..

Hyfloor PT 2400x1200 | Floor Insulation

Hyfloor PT 2400x1200 is rigid floor insulation designed for both suspended and non suspended floors...

Strong-R Wallboard

Xtratherm Strong Warm-R Wall board is essentially plasterboard, only far stronger and with a high-gr..

Thin-R Cavity Wall T&G

Xtratherm Thin-R Wall Cavity  is ideal for those looking for partial cavity rigid insulation.&n..

Thin-R FR/ALU Flatboard For Roofs

The Xtratherm Thin-R FR/ALU 2400x1200 is a flat-board roof insulation, it is single ply and mechanic..

Thin-R FR/MG 1200x1200

The Xtratherm Thin-R FR/MG 1200X1200 is perfect for people looking for roofing insulation with FM Ap..

Thin-R Pitched Roof 2400X1200

The Xtratherm Thin-R Pitched Roof insulation is ideal for thermal insulation of pitched and tiled ro..

Thin-R Sarking Board 2400*1200

The Xtratherm Thin-R Sarking Board roof insulation has a super-efficient U-Value and helps to avoid ..


The Thin-R Thermal Liner MECHANICALLY FIXED insulation is for dry-lining walls on the inside of a pr..

Thin-R Underfloor 2400X1200

This Xtraherm high thermal rigid insulation is easy to install. Perfect for both new build and refur..

Warm-R Premium 1800x1200

Warm-R Premium 1800X1200 is a high quality expanded Polystyrene containing an integrated graphite to..

XO Framing board 

The XO Framing board is a high thermal performance rigid insulation board, which is easy to installC..

Xtratherm Corner Panels

Xtratherm Corner Panels are insulation designed specifically for corners. This pre-formed corne..

Xtratherm Raterloc Attic/Roof Insulation

The Xtratherm Raterloc roof insulation is ideal for use under a pitched roof most commonly found in ..