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Posted by joseph 19/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Blog,


In society today we have the luxury of cooking or heating food within a very short space of time, unlike our ancestors who had to hunt for their food and discover a means of heating it up. Grilling stretches back to caveman days, when our ancestors discovered that holding meat directly over an open flame for an extended period of time “cooked” the meat. Interestingly cavemen stumbled upon animals that had been killed in forest fires who in turn observed that cooked meat was much tastier and easier to digest than raw meat. And we guess they never looked back. 


Today in Ireland it is very seldom that we ask ourselves on a summers morning "Will I have raw meat to cook on an open flame this evening?", you are probably more concerned with the weather. 


So what exactly does barbecue mean: To barbecue means to slow cook over indirect heat. Barbecued meat soak up the smoky flavors resulting in a moist and tender meal. There are two main barbeque types to choose from, a gas bbq or a charcoal bbq, each with their pros and cons.





Charcoal or Gas  - What Works Best For Taste? 



Taste was probably just as important to our ancestors as it is today. If you are looking for that smoky taste then a charcoal bbq is probably the better option. A study conducted revealed that charcoal grilled steak has a distinct smoke flavour over a gas bbq grilled steak. However we are not suggesting that food grilled on a gas bbq has no taste.  




Food Choices - Some Of My Guests Are Not Meat Eaters, What Do I Do?


More and more people in Ireland have become vegans or vegetarians which would challenge any barbeque enthusiast. Gas bbq’s are suited to delicate foods like chicken breasts, fish, fruit and vegetables (for the vegans) whose flavours can be overwhelmed by smoke from a charcoal bbq. 




Convenience - You May Be Rushing Against The Rain


Lets face it we have all eaten barbequed food indoors at some stage and If you are looking for an easier and quicker way to have your barbeque outdoors the best type of bbq for this is a gas bbq. Gas bbq's are much more easier to start and heat up than charcoal bbq's. They can heat up within 10-15 minutes, hold temperatures steadily and are easy to clean. 




Cost - Yes The Boring Bits...


Gas bbqs are a more expensive investment initially however, the energy costs are low in copmarison to charcoal. Gas on average will cost less than charcoal and also maintenace costs are not as high. A charcoal bbq's grill will need to be changed, on average, once a year.  Both gas and charcoal bbq's are excellent choices but you really have to pick the one that suits your needs. Here in ARRO we have some excellent charcoal and gas bbq's offers that should cater to your requirements. Gas BBQ's will range in price from €100 to €600 on average. The cost is often determined by the number burners you need and obviously the quality of the BBQ. The Kentucky Stainless Steel BBQ 3 burner Cast Iron Grill for example has three cast Iron burners and will cost €349.95. In terms of charcoal bbqs the average price should be anywhere between €35 to €150. ARRO's charcoal grill for example will set you back €39.95.     




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