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Posted by joseph 24/02/2017 0 Comment(s) Blog,

Electric Shower Vs Power Shower – Cost, Pressure & Speed 


Speed - Electric Showers Wins The Race



In today’s society Irish people want everything in an instant and this is exactly what an electric shower offers you. Simply push a button and you have hot water.  Electric showers contain a very powerful heating element that turns water from cold to piping hot in an instant.

With a power shower the heating is taken care of outside of the shower itself this is normally with a boiler or an immersion element. This will either require a timer or good planning to ensure you have hot water when needed.



ARRO’s Hot DIY Tip – If your life is all about getting things done in an instant get hot water at the push of a button with an electric shower





If You Love The Pressure – Chose A Power Shower

If like Conor McGregor, you love the pressure then we would highly recommend a power shower. As the name suggests a power shower will offer you a nice steady flow of water. Because an electric shower heats the water instantly it has certain limitations. The power shower, on the other hand, is normally working with a large tank of hot water so it can focus on pushing the water out at a higher rate.



ARRO’s Hot DIY Tip – If you are all about water pressure, then chose a power shower over an electric shower.



Which Is More Cost Efficient An Electric Shower Or A Power Shower?

This is not a straight forward question. If you have a relatively small hot tank that is correctly insulated, you may only have to heat the water for twenty minutes or so. On the other hand if you are a quick, in and out, person when it comes to showering then an electric shower may suit you more and cost you less.




ARRO’s Hot DIY Tip – To Save money with a power shower, have a well-insulated hot tank and heat the water at an off-peak hour.



What are the best Power Showers and Electric Showers in Ireland?

The top manufacturers in Ireland of electric showers are Triton and Mira. In terms of power showers Sonas have a large range of  stylish showers. All of these brands are available at your local ARRO DIY store.


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