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Posted by joseph 04/01/2018 0 Comment(s) Blog,
Like most things when it comes to bedroom storage ideas you either need your wallet or a big jar of elbow grease. We like to think a mixture of both brings the best solutions. Hopefully our list of bedroom storage ideas will suit those lucky enough to have a huge bedroom as well as the rest of us who have a modest sized bedroom.
Storage tips are not just about making your bedroom look nice, you would be amazed what you could do with a little extra space in your bedroom, maybe set up a nice little office or work-space or maybe get an exercise bike in there (or a bench press!). 
Utilise The Space On The Back Of Your Door
You might be thinking, wait, wait the back of my bedroom door, that’s where my mirror is! But you probably already have another mirror in your bedroom and in your bathroom and in your hall-way and in your…….there is only a certain amount of times you need to look at yourself, get rid of the mirror on the back of your bedroom door and save some space (we know that’s what you really want, otherwise why would you have Googled “Bedroom Storage Ideas”)
So once the mirror has been removed from the back of the door you have a few options. You could hang some hooks as a place to put shoes, you could hang a laundry bag for a place to put your dirty socks or (our personal favourite) you can hang some hooks for a place to store your coats, jackets, ties etc. The quickest way to make your bedroom look cluttered is by throwing your big winter coat on your bed or worse yet on the floor. Keep it clean, hang it up! 
What About All That Storage Space Under Your Bed! 
If you have drawers under your bed already, beautiful, use them! If not then get the measuring tape out. You need to find out exactly how much space you are wasting. Once you have your measurements written down and safely tucked away in your tool-belt, it is time to start planning. What you thought you could just throw things under the bed willy-nilly? Oh lord no! We are organised people! You need to get yourself some storage containers. There are actually storage containers made specifically for under-bed storage (we sell them). You can stack these bad-boys like Lego bricks making sure you get every inch of that beautiful storage space. 
But ARRO, what should I store under my bed? Here’s a hint, “It’s the wrong time of year for that”. Yes, your out of season clothing. If it’s hot outside your winter coat needs to be tucked up in a storage container under your bed! You can also store your travel bags and suitcases and your extra sheets and pillow cases. Remember you can also store things under other beds in the house, the guest bedroom and even your kids beds’.
What Goes Up Does Not Need To Come Down (Until You Need It!)
The next time you’re in your bedroom take a gander around the ceiling and you might notice that the 12 inches directly under your ceiling are not being used at all! Yes, you need to get some shelves up and start utilising that valuable space. It is the ideal place to store books, electrical goods, yoga mats (you will use again), suitcases or bags.
GuysI hear your concerns already, won’t this look messy? Not if done right. Don’t throw old clothes, socks and wires up there. Store nice items and add a few plants to decorate it and make it look fresh and funky. 
Clean Up Those Ghastly Cables
We really need to be thankful for the technical advances in our life-time but we do not have to be thankful for all the wires!? But don’t worry IT Tape have made a little technological advancement of their own and have created the dream solution to declutter wires and make them far less annoying. This little tape dispenser dispenses doles out as much tape as you need to wrap up those wires and ensure everything is clean and tidy. 

So what will you do with all this extra space in the bedroom? The choice is yours. 

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