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04/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Blog,

Declutter your Garden this Spring

Nobody likes cleaning but it has to be done. All the dead leaves of winter can wreak havoc on drainage in your garden and prevent healthy growth in Spring. You may need a little help when it comes to getting rid of all that undesirable plant growth that has occurred through the winter months. There are some handy products on the market such as Hytrol Extra Strength Weed Killer that will help you get rid of all the unwanted growth in your garden. Hytrol kills weeds right at the roots and will also clear up unwanted growth under patios and driveways.


Make Sure Your Lawnmower Gets A Good Once Over 

There’s nothing that a gardener loves more than the smell of freshly cut grass on a Sunday morning and there is nothing that looks worse than an overgrown lawn. If you have a petrol lawnmower make sure that you drain all the petrol out and start Spring with a fresh tank. One of the leading causes of a faulty lawnmower is old petrol, left in over the winter, clogging up the engine. Make sure to clear the undercarriage of grass and remove the blades before cleaning and sharpening. 


Preserve your Wood this Spring



Spring is the optimum time for checking and maintaining your garden fences and wooden posts before they are home to climbing plant-life come summer. The Irish winter is no great friend to wood that adorns gardens. Give all your garden wood including picnic benches and chairs a thorough once over and make repairs wherever necessary. 

Cuprinol to a fabulous range of garden paints called, Garden Shades. Not only do they provide long term protection but they add vibrancy and colour to your garden. 


Irish Birds In Spring

When Spring comes around the corner Irish birds are on the hunt for new sources of grub. Some, like the Wheatear, are tired and hungry after their long non-stop transatlantic voyage from Canada, so why not have a big feed waiting for them when they swoop past your garden. If birds grow accustomed to your garden as a reliable food source they will keep coming back throughout the year and who doesn’t enjoy having some wildlife in their garden!


Making your own Raised Beds

April and May are excellent months to start sowing some beautiful vegetables in your garden. One of the best ways to start growing vegetables in your garden is by creating raised beds. To create raised beds you need some high quality compost and some garden railway sleepers



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