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CPL Polish Coal - 40KG

The CPL Polish Coal 40KG has a high heat output with low ash output It is a longer burning coal..

CPL Premium Home Coal - 20KG Bag

The CPL Premium Coal is a blend of two high quality  coals – Polish coal, and Colombian..

CPL Standard Anthracite fuel - 40KG

The CPL standard anthracite fuel has powerful burning timeIt also has a low ash output The fuel..

CPL Superflame Smokeless Coal - 20KG

The CPL Superflame Smokeless Coal 20KG ignites quickly & produces a good heatThis product can be..

Homefire ecoal50 - 40KG

The Homefire ecoal50 - 40KG fuel has high heat output & long burning timesIt is also an environm..

Homefire Stoveheat Premium Coal - 40KG

The Homefire Stoveheat Premium coal has a high heat output & low ash outputIt is a long lasting ..

Homefire Supertherm Coal - 40KG

The Homefire Supertherm 40KG is an easy to light fuel with high heat output & low ash outputIt i..

Wildfire Coal - 20KG

The Wildfire traditional coal 20KG is extremely easy to light & long lasting This coal gene..